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Magic Wand G-Spotter Attachment

One of the greatest sex toy accessories ever invented! This neat G Spotter attachment makes sure your internal sweet spot never misses out on the fun!
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There aren't many who haven't discovered the heavenly sensation of being massaged with the Magic Wand. It has sold in its millions over the years and the only complaint ever made is that it's for external use only. Those clever guys at Vibratex took this on board and have designed this utterly awesome attachment to never fails to hit your G Spot.

Unlike other, cheaper versions, this one is made specifically for the Magic Wand and once it place it ain't going anywhere! Pop it on the end and you instantly transform and already amazing toy into a sublime G Spot vibe. Much research and testing has gone into the development of the G Spotter to ensure it does its job properly. It's very lightweight to ensure it absorbs all the vibrating power of the Magic Wand and delivers the sweetest G Spot orgasm ever.

Incredibly easy to use whether you are alone or with a partner, we didn't think the Magic Wand could get any better but boy are we happy to be proved wrong!


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